About Us

Why choose Traveling Scholar?

  • You will be working with a team who have experience in working, studying and living abroad. To us, personal attention matters.
  • We believe in the notion of ‘ubuntu’ (I am, because you are), thus we want to make a difference in your life and the lives of the people you will meet on our programs.
  • We understand the Higher Education sector and can advise faculty and individuals alike on policies and other official regulations.
  • As we are passionate about our continent, our programs are offered in less-known towns and cities. This allows for greater cultural immersion and educational experiences at a more affordable price.
  • Our programs are unique, have a fun element to it and comply with university and academic requirements.
  • You can find our offices in South Africa with representatives in the United States of America and Europe.
  • Your experience matters.
Traveling Scholar South Africa

The establishment of Traveling Scholar grew out of the demands of and knowledge about American students wanting to study abroad specifically in Southern Africa. Through innovative thinking and design, different modes of mobility were explored and experimented with. The notion of Traveling Scholar was previously part of a public university in South Africa; the recent campus-based instability in the country required a neutral space linking the delivery of such programs and services to both public and private institutions.

Traveling Scholar now forms part of the non-profit research centre, the African Centre of Higher Education Internationalisation, located in South Africa. With years of cumulative experience, we are a dynamic team of individuals, passionate about Higher Education Internationalisation, lifelong learning, having fun and sharing our beautiful continent with others.

We are dedicated to offering students (young, old, international and local) a culturally, immersive educational experience that brings the local to the global, and the global to the local.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Traveling Scholar exists to provide meaningful educational experiences that nurture and inspire the human spirit; allow for community enrichment, international mobility and lifelong learning; while simultaneously promoting globally competent citizenship and cross-cultural exchange.


To make a difference in the lives of participants and the local community by providing meaningful educational experiences embedded in an authentic African experience.

Our Values

The following five core values embody our commitment to all who come in contact with Traveling Scholar.

A – Africa-centric, ensuring that we share Africa with the world.

F – Forward thinking always looking for ways to collaborate and promote knowledge.

R – Responsibility towards the environment and the Higher Education community.

I – Innovation in program design and the experiences we offer participants.

C – Caring for the needs of our community, strategic partners, staff and participants.