Included In Programs

We are proud Africans and even prouder South Africans. Our team firmly believes in personal interaction and attention to detail to deliver a professional, quality and affordable service. For this reason, the following are all included in our program costs.

In-country, dedicated coordinator

The Traveling Scholar team would like to make sure that each group or individual visiting this great continent experiences the unique culture and majestic environment of the continent that we love and appreciate. For that reason we place a dedicated coordinator with each group. This person will be with the group at all times, and will also be available 24/7 for the duration of the program. All Traveling Scholar program coordinators are trained in basic First-Aid.


We will email detailed pre-arrival information to you prior to departure. The information will cover all necessary information for you to come prepared to South Africa. We will also host a pre-arrival meeting with groups and individuals via Skype if there are any questions (we also host Skype meetings with parents if they have any additional questions). At this meeting you will also meet your coordinator.

Arrival and Orientation

Once you arrived at your end destination in South Africa, the group will be welcomed by their coordinator. Once the group collected all their luggage, and exchanged currency if necessary, the group will be transported to their accommodation. After you have settled in, orientation will take place where you will be formally welcomed and briefed about safety and security, program rules and expectations.


Traveling Scholar has done extensive research to find accommodation options for our students, which ensure that you will be safe, have the best experience and return home with lasting memories. The different options available are:

  • Bed and Breakfast;
  • Self-catering; and
  • Hotel (will be a three to four star rated facility – budget dependent).

If and when you travel outside of the city the Traveling Scholar coordinator will be available to assist with any queries and handle emergencies.

Activities and Fieldtrips

In addition to the formal program activities, a variety of activities and excursions are offered by Traveling Scholar on ‘free days’. These range from adventure to cultural and everything in between. The offerings will allow you to gain further understanding about Southern Africa and complement the knowledge and experience of the formal program. These activities would not be included in the cost of the program and will be an additional cost.